Dalakora History

The Kingdom of Manay came into existence about four hundred years ago, it was during the war that seperated Westodia and Eastodia that Manay became independant.

The Eastodian Empire’s history reaches back over three thousand years and at it’s height it’s territories included what are now known as Westodia, Lunimare, Nordlanden, Felattie Isle and Hakarn.

The Dragon Spine mountains formed the natural divide between the Eastern and Western parts of the Empire and eventually the Prince of Westodia declared themselves independant and war broke out. The war lasted fifty years and the end result was the seperation of the two empires. Westodia had retained control of Manay and area surrounding it in the secluded bowl in the centre of the Dragon Spine Mountains. However because of it’s isolation, the new Emperor of Westodian gave his son free reign of Manay and declared it an independant Kingdom.

There is still a cold war going on between Westodia and Eastodia even four hundred years after the seperation and there are frequent border clashes along the Dragon Spine Mountains. The Kingdom of Manay very often found itself literally stuck in the middle of the conflict.

The current King of Manay is Koarynn II – son of Karamis III. Karamis III died twenty years ago, and Koarynn came into succession at the age of ten. Karamis’s advisor Melsynth acted as Regent and remains Koarynn II’s advisor to this day. It must be noted that Melsynth had only been Karamis III’s advisor for a couple of years before the king died, he replaced Father Corialanus as King’s advisor after the good father was assassinated, the killer was never caught but suspicions laid on the Eastodians.

Koarynn II has a brother, Prince Lorimias and a sister, Princess Rhiannon. The King and the Prince had a falling out three years ago and the King dismissed his brother and sent him to stay at the Palace in South Manay and refuses to grant him audience at Castle Linathral. Since then, the Kingdom of Manay has slowly begun to slip into chaos. It seems only the Corthirian Order remain true keepers of justice in the lands as corruption finds it’s way into every walk of life and every rank.

Now with the news of an invasion in Yendola, the Kingdom to the south of Manay, the populace are getting concerned that the King has not announced what Manay’s preparations are to fight these invaders should they turn north…


The people of the Kingdom of Manay worship the same Gods as the Great Eastodian Empire and the Westodian Empire. Before the Great Enlightenment in which the Elveriane race taught the people of Dalakora the true history of the multiverse, people worshipped Gods that were alternative intepretations and manifestions of the true Gods. This is still the case in many parts of Dalakora. What follows is Derios The Grey’s account of that history and the Gods that make up the pantheon. You can find out more about the gods by talking to the priests in the Kingdom of Manay.

Abath Torlirion
by Derios The Grey

In the beginning there was Torlir, known as the Creator. How he came into existence none knows but from his mind spawned his two twin brothers, Corthir and Cranthior. Torlir could only be described as ammoral whilst his brothers of opposing nature represented Order and Chaos. Torlir, however, could never distinguish between the two.

Torlir concentrated on his works of creation and left his brothers to war across the Cosmos. When Torlir created the first intelligent beings of Torlirians, Corthir and Cranthior ceased their fighting and became fascinated by these sentient creatures. Torlir gave each of his brothers a third of this race to teach and nurture. It was not long before Corthir and Cranthior resumed their conflict and this time with their people joining the war.

When Cranthior decided to slay his brothers to gain complete dominance, a great battle took place and all but ten of the original Torlirian race survived. Torlir, Corthir, Cranthior and the ten became what we now know as the Great Gods.

Of Torlir’s people, Varagor and Valendaris survived. They are the greatest of the Torlirians and do not directly interfere in the world of mortals and loyally serve and protect Torlir.

Corthir and his Corthirians (as his people were called) are what we would call the ‘good’ Gods and generally uphold Order and Justice. They are Lithor, Leylaria, Larlana and Ordoron.

Cranthior also had four of his people, the Cranthions, survive. They are Zandey, Morklin, Mothgar and Seylorin. They are the greatest evil force in existence and always seek to overthrow Order and bring Chaos to the multiverse.

The war between Corthir and Cranthior wages on to this day but now their fighting is done through the doom of the Elveriane race of which I would not speak of as it is also the greatest shame in the history of the Elveriane people.


There are six political factions in The Kingdom of Manay. These factions are divided into two sides that are in a private war with each other. The Kingdom of Manay does not interfere with these wars however fighting is not allowed in the City of North Manay and in Castle Linathral.

When you join one of these factions, members of enemy factions can attack you and kill you at any time and not suffer any penalties in terms of murder counts. You will not lose any experience points should you have to respawn when killed by enemy faction members. However, your items will still drop to the ground. The only exception to this is when fighting / duelling / skirmishes / wars take place in the Ancient Battlegrounds. Senior player members of these factions may organise scheduled battles to allow players to take part in mass PvP battles without the normal penalties or losing any items.

The factions are as follows, for more information you should speak to the faction leaders.

The Corthirian Order
Faction Leader : Baron Whelan
Headquarters : Temple of Lithor, North Manay
Allies : The Flames of Arcana, Free Company of Manay.
Enemies : Necromantic Circle, Shadow Society, Hordes of The North
Joining Requirements : Clerics, Fighters, Rangers, Paladins of non evil alignment.

Flames of Arcana
Faction Leader : Varatron
Headquarters : University of Elemental Sorcery, South Manay
Allies : The Corthirian Order, Free Company of Manay.
Enemies : Necromantic Circle, Shadow Society, Hordes of The North
Joining Requirements : None.

Free Company of Manay
Faction Leader : Lord Rodwolf
Headquarters : Free Company Barracks, South Manay
Allies : The Corthirian Order, The Flames of Arcana
Enemies : Necromantic Circle, Shadow Society, Hordes of The North
Joining Requirements : None.

The Necromantic Circle
Faction Leader : Sha’Zanymor
Headquarters : Sha’Zanymor’s Palace, East of Manay Graveyard
Allies : Shadow Society, Hordes of The North
Enemies : The Corthirian Order, The Flames of Arcana, Free Company of Manay.
Joining Requirements : Non Good alignment.

Shadow Society
Faction Leader : Master of Shadows
Headquarters : Shadow Society Base, Manay Sewers
Allies : Necromantic Circle, Hordes of The North
Enemies : The Corthirian Order, The Flames of Arcana, Free Company of Manay.
Joining Requirements : None.

Hordes of The North
Faction Leader : Badvok Junger
Headquarters : The Northerner Inn, Norda Trail
Allies : Necromantic Circle, Shadow Society.
Enemies : The Corthirian Order, The Flames of Arcana, Free Company of Manay.
Joining Requirements : Men only and No Sorcerors.