Eastodian Subrace

Eastodian Musketeer

To play as an Eastodian when creating a new character, you have to enter “Eastodian” into the Sub Race field and choose Human as the main race.

Eastodians begin as a conscript stationed Langalawi, a small outpost near the coast. They are the quintessential (American) frontiersman. Defecting to Manay is possible, but you will be branded a traitor an never able to rejoin the Eastodian Empire.

Eastodian PCs are unique in that they may only use blackpowder muskets as their weapons. They are not allowed to equip other weapons (melee or ranged) or shields. They must also be a pure class ranger.

Eastodians also receive a special amulet which will grant additional feats and powers when equipped as he increases in levels (even if they defect). Likewise, the effectiveness of their blackpowder musket will increase as they gain levels.



Some notes and feat/system modifications concerning muskets and Eastodian PCs:

- Muskets use a dex bonus for attack (like bows).

- Weapon Finesse has no effect with muskets (though, it will work for punching/unarmed strike).

- Weapon Focus, Epic Weapon Focus, Improved Critical, and Overwhelming Critical all apply to the musket if you choose “unarmed strike” as the weapon type.

- Favored Enemies and Bane of Enemies apply the normal bonuses with muskets.

- Rapid Reload, Point Blank Shot, Improved Unarmed Strike, Dirty Fighting, Called Shot, Zen Archery, and all other feats not listed above are not implemented with blackpowder weapons.


To make the properties on the amulet show up correctly, unzip and put into your override directory the iprp_feats.2da located here: http://www.dalakora.com/downloads/iprp_feats.zip