Original World Design: Oliver White (PreacherMan)

World Creation Team: Oliver White (PreacherMan), Nim White (Sir Rabkin),Stuart Thody (Capt Scum)

DM / Testing Team: dragondiner, ArChAnGeL444,Calson33,Dave ‘edge’ Edgecombe, Seth Ashe, Zeddius, Dornak,Misery, lgallows (Tearful Venom), Capable, steamerni, Dewg, Luckyshot, Darkwolf, Mancdaman, Red Haze , Mua-Kell, TheSaint, ChurchBoy, dude6, acomputerdood, Tyrnee, Wisp, JuliusC

Thanks to:

The HCR (Hard Core Ruleset) community. This mod started life on HCR5.4 – we stripped it down and made a lot of changes, took what we thought was good for gameplay and what was not. HCR strives to make NWN as close to the 3 edition AD&D ruleset as possible while as we think 3rd Edition Rules are a bunch of crap and have gone for original design concepts and rules which of course was what AD&D is all about, flexibility for DMs to create worlds that they want.

The Neverwinter Vaults – To all the scripters out there. We have taken a lot of the scripts and ideas from there and again, stripped them down and reworked for our own needs. I would like to thank all those that published scripts that actually work and are bug free and well commented. I am not going to list the individuals as I would have to list everyone – I quite literally systematically go through every script on there.

A Shout Out to some of the players that have played in our Pencil & Paper AD&D sessions over the last 20 years:

Karl Ostheller David Hall Alex Forsey Trevor Moore
Paul Travers Lawrence Mills Gordon Coltart Dave Edgecombe
Nick Van Steve Bolton Matt Dean Tony Ackroyd
Anthony Travers Paul Faithful Trevor Gamon Iain White
Gareth Davies Ben Burt Paul Brooke
Dan Viratta Mike Gardener Richard Castle
Geoff Lee Alistair Jones John McCormack
Phil Fox Marek Pugh Martin Newing
Tom Tomlinson Andy O’Neil Andy Buchannan
Lawrence Woodley Ashley Wright Anthony Bowyer-Lowe


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Screenshot taken at Gnarl Fist Forest Cliff Face with special thanks to the following intrepid adventurers (appearing from left to right): Myrea “The Lore” Mayseph, Willow Wisp, Circa DragonLance, Ku Tao, Amywien Rydrine, Kaharmah Occulontus, Will Goodman, Shandy Fren and Vudash Turd