Class Mods


Clerics Must Have their Holy Symbols equipped in order to cast their spells. Not only that Clerics that deviate too far from their Gods alignment will find that their spells fail completely.

Clerics of 7th Level or above ( as with Paladins and Blackguards ) can convert NPCs to their religion, thus gaining their God and themselves Piety Points. Piety Points are necessary for Clerics to complete their Epic Quest (required for advancing beyond level 24). Piety Points also play a much greater role when any character class reaches Level 30 – here the characters must ascend to demi god status and can only gain further levels by earning the required experience points as well as piety points.

All the clerics that serve the most popular God have many of their Buff and Healing spells extended / empowered. You can ask most head clerics of various temples what the standing of the 9 Gods popularity is. The popularity scores are reset at the start of each new game year (about 12 days real time)

Evil Clerics Rebuke undead instead of turning them. These undead become completely under the control of the cleric for a duration same as if they were turned.


Monks are refugees from Yendola. Their country was all but destroyed by the Obsidion Empire invasion. Only the Sai San Monks resist down south.

Monks have to be pure class and when they reach a certain level they can travel to the Sai San Monastery and learn the Way of The Drunken Fist which can improve their fighting power when they get drunk on Rice Wine.


Sorcerors can join various schools to specialise their spells. They can become a Necromancer by joining the School of Necromancy or they can become an Elementalist by enrolling at the University of Elemental Sorcery. Female Sorcerors can also choose to become a witch. Please check Spell Changes in Journal to see what spells are affected for these various schools. Sorcerors in the Epic levels will be able to create totally unique spells.


Wizards start in the Obsidion Empire (unless you choose Wizard as your 2nd class) and as long as they are in the Obsidion Empire faction. They are not called Wizards here, they are Engineers where Magic is a Science. The term ‘Wizard’ and art of ‘Wizardry’ was lost thousands of years ago. Engineers are supplied with robes, and the Channeling Ring and when they reach higher levels, a Construction Manual to manufacture their own Golems and later on more powerful Obsidion War Machines and other contraptions. Wizards will have access to a special set of spells in their Epic Levels providing they remain in the Obsidion Empire. All Wizards that start in the Obsidion Empire have their Alignment Set to Evil.


Bards can use standard music instruments to give street performances to gain fame and fortune. They can also use their instruments to set the ambient music of any area that they happen to be in. Bards are given a key to access the Black Hand Rogues Guild. Female Bards may opt to become a Witch.


Rangers from level 3 onwards can receive free specialist ranger arrows from Rochallor of Ivrin, just seek him out in North Manay Bowyers. Rangers also get a special Tracking Tool and also a key to access the Black Hand Rogues Guild.


Female Druids may opt to become a Witch. Epic Level Druids will have abilities to enter various Elemental Planes at will.


Assassins can use the PC scry tool to see if any contracts have been placed on other players. Upon successfully killing that player, the contracted reward if given to the Assassin ( minus a commission ). Assassins that attack a player with a price on his head will be flagged a criminal for attacking But will not receive a murder count. The Murder Count is given to the person that placed the contract in the first place. Assassins may not place contracts on players. Contracts can be purchased from the Shadow Society Base.


Paladins have to be Pure Class in Dalakora. Paladins get a Holy Symbol which they need to equip to cast spells, turn undead or lay on hands. Paladins can also convert like the Cleric to gain Piety points. Paladins have a permanent Aura of Protection Against Evil and when they reach level 11 they can collect their Corthirian Medal from Baron Whelan which grants them extra abilities. Epic Paladins will have the ability of making any weapon they wield gain Holy Avenger properties. Paladins may later on choose to become a Crusader gaining further abilities but also some restrictions.

Paladins upon reaching level 20 will be able to become a Crusader. In order to become one you need to speak with Duke Cromwell who is a Hakarnian Duke on visit in South Manay. Once you have become a Crusader you cannot undo it.

Requirements : Lawful Good Alignment, Paladin Level 20, Piety Points 1000

Penalties :

1. Cannot Possess More than Level * 1000 Gold.
2. Item Limit 75.
3. Double Alignment Loss for evil acts.
4. XP Loss Double on Respawn if Alignment is not Lawful Good.
5. Cannot use Missile Weapons At All.

Bonuses :

1. Increased Morale for Party. ( Improves with level )
2. Weapon of Choice Feat. ( Choose Weapon Type when becoming a Crusader )
3. Increased Multiplier. ( After 2 levels gained as Crusader or Over level 24)
4. Superior Weapon Focus. ( After 3 levels gained as Crusader or Over level 25)
5. Ki Critical. ( After 4 levels gained as Crusader or Over level 26)
6.Squire – can take a Squire with you on adventures. Pick one up from Temple of Lithor.