Spell Changes

Heal, healing Circle, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds all give the caster points towards Good Alignment when cast on other injured players. This ‘Good Deed’ will reward Good Alignment points once per game day.

Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead and Gate will give the caster points towards Evil Alignment.

Harm: This spell is capped at 200 points damage and the target gets a Fortitude Save.

Isaacs Missile Storm : Only 5 missiles will hit the same target.

Tensers Transformation : Does what it says in the original spell description instead of the stupid polymorph nonsense.

Time Stop : This spell is local only – 100 metre radius.

Summon Creature Spells : Creature Summoned is random from a set list. Elemental Sorcerors casting the higher level Summoning spells will always get an Elemental related to their School and Necromancers will always get undead.

Greater Magic Weapon : +1 / 4 levels.

Bigby Spells : Reflex Save given to targets.

Greater Sanctuary : Acts the same as normal Sanctuary but with incredibly high DC.

The follow spells are automatically maximized / empowered / extened (where appropriate) for the different Sorceror schools.

Lightning Bolt
Stinking Cloud
Cloud Kill
Chain Lightning
Acid Fog
Incendiary Cloud
Wail of The Banshee (increased Save DC)
Electric Jolt
Electric Loop
Ball Lightning
Great Thunderclap

Ray of Frost
Stinking Cloud
Ice Storm ( Cold Maximized )
Cloud Kill
Cone of Cold
Elemental Shield
Acid Fog
Horrid Wilting
Ice Dagger

Melf’s Acid Arrow
Mage Armour
Ice Storm ( Bludgeoning Maximized )
Stone Skin
Acid Fog
Greater Stone Skin
Meteor Swarm
Acid Splash
Acid Breath
Acid Sheath

Burning Hands
Wall of Fire
Elemental Shield
Incendiary Cloud
Meteor Swarm

Negative Energy Ray
Ray of Enfeeblement
Ghoul Touch
Animate Dead
Negative Energy Burst
Vampiric Touch
Circle of Death
Finger of Death
Control Undead
Create Undead
Create Greater Undead
Energy Drain
Stone Bones

Charm Person
Owls Wisdom
Eagles Splendor
Clairaudience / Clairevoyance
Hold Person
Bestow Curse
Charm Monster
Dominate Person
Finger of Death
Power Word Stun
Dominate Monster
Evil Blight