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The Dalakora Sagas – War In Yendola – Custom Feature List

Anti Twinking System
Characters in party have to be in a certain level range with each other in order to gain experience points.

Anti Kill Stealing System
Custom system that remembers who first engaged a monster and remains engaged with it upon it’s death. Experience points are only rewarded to the person / party that first engaged the monster and is within range of it when it died in the event of someone else delivering the killing blow.

Anti Area Camping System – variable xp
Experience points awarded for kills drops slowly over time when characters are in the area.

Cosmic Forge custom weapon / armour crafting system.
A special forge that allows the crafting of custom weapons and armour by using specially collected items with magical properties.

One Time Drop system.
Certain Boss Monsters will drop a special treasure for the character that killed it but this treasure is dropped once only for each character.

Rumour System.
NPC rumour system that generates rumours based on the NPC’s race, profession and location.

In Game Latest News System.
Custom Events in game will send news feeds to a central news gathering system which then filters out to NPCs. Player Characters can speak to NPCs and hear the latest things that have happened in the Game World.

Fame and Fame Title System
Player Characters can earn Fame points by defeating monsters much stronger than themselves or by completing quests. Fame points also earn PCs a fame title. Fame affects a PC’s charisma score as well as how much stores charge for items.

Murderer and Bounty System
A custom system that tracks the number of illegal killings a Player Character makes. Players that have been murdered by other players illegally can place bounties on their killers. Bounties can be collected by killing these murderers. Murderers also suffer much greater penalty when they respawn. Committing murder will shift a Player Character’s alignment towards evil.

Custom Faction System
Consensual PvP Political Factions to allow players to fight and kill each other legally without incurring murder counts.

Criminal System
Commit crimes and a Player Character gets flagged as a criminal over a period of time. During that time, Town Guards will kill on sight and other Players can kill the criminal without penalties. Committing crimes will shift a Player Character’s alignment towards evil.

Good Deed System.
Performing good deeds will shift a Player Character’s alignment towards good.

Assassination System.
Players may place assassination contracts on other players at the cost of some gold and taking on a murder count. Assassin Player Characters can take on these contracts and kill the targets without getting a murder count and earn the gold.

Religion Conversion, Popular God System.
Clerics, Paladins, Blackguards and later characters that have chosen the path of Ascension can walk the earth and convert NPCs to their religion. This system allows for 9 different Deities that are available in the Dalakora setting. As a Deity becomes more popular, the Clerics worshipping the most popular Deity has bonuses applied to their spells.

Bard Song Busking system.
Bards can play their musical instruments for busking purposes or to change the ambient music in an area. Bards can also write their own custom lyrics for their songs.

Siege Warfare system.
Working Catapults and Battering Rams for sieges. Siege warfare is also a featured skill in our custom hidden skill set system.

Golem Making System.
Obsidion Empire Engineers can gather materials to create Golems and later War Machines to aid them in their invasion of Dalakora.

Planar Travel System.
Various methods for travelling through the planes is available ; Druid plane shifting, Moon Gates, Hallway of Worlds, Spelljammer Ships etc.

Modified Death, Limbo Pub, Persistent Tombstone and Item Dropping system.
Custom system that makes Death a lot less trivial.

Parry A/C Bonus System.
Parry Skill will give A/C Bonus for the martial classes if they are fighting with 2 handed weapons or with a main gauche.

Sorcerer Schools – Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Witches, Necromancer, Illithid, Obsidion Empire
Sorcerers can join various Schools / Factions / Subraces for different special abilities and penalties.

Epic Quest System.
Player Characters must complete Epic Quests in order to progress through their Epic Levels.

Clone Creation and In Game Custom Monster Creation system.
A Cloning Device in the DM Lounge allows DMs to create custom NPCs and Monsters and store them in the Database for recall later on or even make them spawn with out custom spawn creation system. All of this can be done in game, on the fly, without needing to recompile the module, upload, restart etc.

Generic Area / Transition creation system.
A whole series of generic areas coupled with our custom transition creation system allows DMs to whip up new areas for special events and quest in game, on the fly, without needing to recompile the module, upload, restart etc.

Capture the Flag system.
Custom Flag Items and Placeables allow Player Characters to carry flags, plant them, drop them and so on.

Custom monster spawning system
Dalakora has several custom spawning systems in place to deal with all kinds of situations.

Invasion Modes
Invasion modes can be activated for large scale battles that involve all the players on a server. Invasion mode switches off respawn penalties to allow players to not worry about dying in these massive battles.

Subraces and Subclasses
Currently available are : Air Elementalist, Water Elementalist, Fire Elementalist, Earth Elementalist, Necromancer, Obsidion Engineer, Witch of the Cromlech Coven, Obsidion War Machine, Crusader, Illithid, Lunimarean Vampire, and Eastodian Musketeer.

Custom Witches Curses
Witches of the Cromlech Coven and bestow special curses on other characters. Curses like Flatulence, Tourette Syndrome, Butter Fingers, Hound of Ill Omen and more…

Suicide Booth
Bioware does not allow players to delete their own characters on a server vault. Our Suicide Booth is an in game system that will get around that and delete characters that a player no longer wished to have clutter up their character list on the vault.

Custom skill set that improves with usage.
Mining, Climbing, Siegecraft, Painting, Fishing, Cartography.

Money Sinks to help keep the economy stable.
Darts Game
Fortune Teller
Blackjack Dealer
Roulette Table
Poker Dealer
Cock Fighting

Unique Items – things you are not likely to see in other NWN modules.
Summoned Fully Furnished Tower
Summoned Mobile Library
Powder Kegs
Exploding Pumpkins
Working Voodoo Dolls.

Gladiator Arena
Challenge gladiators to mortal combat and earn winnings.

Custom Persistent Lycanthropy System.
Get bitten by a werewolf and you could end up turning into one the next full moon.  worse still, Dalakora has 2 moons.

Custom Treasure Generation System.
We do not use a 4000+ lines treasure generation script that is a pain to update. In our DM Lounge are treasure chests that contains the actual treasure that will go into a treasure table that gets built when the module loads up. This allows us to modify the treasure system by just dropping or taking out items in the chest at the toolset level instead of having to modify a stupidly large script.

Item Limit on Characters.
We have a custom item limit system which helps server performance and reduces item hoarding.

Persistent Storage.
Store spare items or gold in the bank.

Player Housing.
Persistent Housing with Extra Storage is available. Houses can be purchased from an Estate Agents. Player Houses have custom security systems, allows you to make copies of the key, kick unwanted guests from your house, transfer ownership and so on.

Economy System.
Inflation affects the price of all items in game. Inflation is directly tied to the housing market. Each Player House that is sold increases the inflation on the server.

Custom Boss Treasure System
Prevents people from camping Boss Monsters and grabbing all the boss treasure and not giving other players a chance.

Special Cleric Holy Symbols
Part of our systems to balance the over powered Cleric class, All Clerics have to equip their holy symbol in order to cast spells. Clerics also have to keep their alignment compatible with their God~Rs otherwise they risk losing their spell casting ability.

Fort Capturing System
Attack Forts, Keeps, Strongholds and capture them to gain fame and experience points for your whole faction.

Custom Skinning System
Earn money by skinning animals and selling pelts of varying quality.

Custom Spell Creation System
Create your own spell ! Millions of combinations, make your Sorcerer completely unique.

NPC Background Chatter system.
Our NPCs come alive with their own chatter system based on their profession, race, location and so on.

Custom Morale System
If you try and fight monsters that are far too difficult for you, there is a chance that you will fail a morale check and run away in fear ! Being in a Group and with healers, bards, paladins with you can increase morale.

Custom Ranking System
If you gain a reputation for performing great deeds, the King will summon you and award you a special title.

Trade Routes
Various commodities can be bought and sold in different locations to make a profit.

Tonnes of Spell Modifications
From gameplay balancing to fixing Bioware~Rs bugs.

Custom Potions
An ingredients-based potion creation system. Get the right items and have the witches brew potions for you.

Limited Rest System
PCs can only rest once every eight game hours but can have unlimited rest in player homers and temples.

Soul Binding System
Bind PCs souls to a temple and that is where they will respawn after death.
Alignment Shifting System
Good Deeds and Criminal Acts can shift PCs alignment. PCs can also make monetary donations or sacrificing their fame points to shift alignment.

A Persistent In-Game Message Board.
Advertise your wares or leave messages for other characters in game.

Special Monk abilities
Monks can learn the way of the Drunken Fist as well as the Kawarimi ability.

Rangers get special ranger arrows and tracking abilities.

Treasure Maps
PCs can find Treasure Maps as loot and go to the area and dig up the treasure chest.

Package Delivery System
Earn Money as a Courier.

Environmental Damage System
Take Fire Damage in Fire Areas, Books and Scrolls combust in the heat. Take Cold Damage in Artic Areas.

Server Restart System
Server Auto Restarts on Crash and with Scheduled Restarts with In-Game countdown warnings.

Optional Custom CD-Key Authentication System
Prevents People from hi-jacking your account~Rs characters when Bioware~Rs Master Server Authentication Server is down.

Lootable Corpse system.
Monsters you kill leave a lootable corpse instead of disappearing and just leaving a bag.

HCR Style Trap System.
Use a Search Tool to actively search for traps and use special thieves tools to disarm them.

PC Scry Tool
Find out what level other players are and whether they are looking to party up or are AFK.

Robe Modification Service
Get your clothing modified by NPC tailors.

Universal Dye Kit
Change the colour of all your clothing with this simple to use Dye Kit.

Custom Calendar activated Events.
Events, Merchants, Monsters that are spawned during certain times of the Game Year.

Pet Shop
Adopt a Pet for your Character.

Custom Stolen Item System
Items looted from a Player Corpse gets tagged as Stolen but that tag is removed when the item is returned to it’s original owner. When a PC dies, all Stolen items are dropped by their corpse.

Burglary System
Many town houses can be broken into but beware you do not wake up the inhabitants or get spotted when picking the lock on the front door.

Bandages and Medicine Bags
Replace the standard NWN healing kits.

Divine Intervention
Characters of good alignment sometimes get a little help from their Deity when dying. High level spellcasters can sometimes see the Grim Reaper himself make an appearance to usher them into Limbo.

Multi-Server portalling system.
Multiple Servers sharing a character vault have special portals that allow you to jump seemlessly to another server instance.

Tome of Infinite Knowledge
Search for books that exist in Dalakora.

A whole series of DM Tools to include :
No Rest Zone Toggle
Wild Magic Toggle
Local Invasion Toggle
Character Debugging Tools
In-Game Permanent Player Banning system
Module Calendar Synchronisation system
Automated Vault + Database Backup with Offsite Storage
Automated Module Update system – All servers update themselves when a new version is released.
Custom Note Creation System
Fireworks Show