Reptilian Subrace
Reptilian Race

Reptilian Race

In order to become a Reptilian (Lizardfolk) you have to choose the Human race, then enter Reptilian into the Sub Race field when creating a new character.

Reptilians begin in Isla Sonora. This is a relatively quiet island, except for the volcano. Leaving the island to join the mainland is not encouraged, and the available transport is not cheap.

Reptilians worship the Island Spirit, which gives them divine casting abilities without the use of a holy symbol.  The problem, however, is that the Island Spirit’s influence does not extend to Dalakora’s mainland. this means that once you reach the continent, you must seek out a true god in order to regain your divine casting abilities.

Reptilians may change their physical appearance (color and size)  by visiting the island’s shaman.

Reptilians have the following racial characteristics:

Scaly Skin:
+4 Natural Armour AC bonus

Reptilian Strength:
+2 Strength bonus

Reptilian Metabolism:
+2 Save vs. Poison
20% Cold Damage Vulnerability

Reptilian Apperance:
-2 Charisma

Reptilian Torpor:

At night, a Reptilian enters a state of Torpor, and is subject to the following penalties:

Decreased Movement Speed:
-2 Strength penalty
-4 Dexterity penalty

Reptilian Boost:

While warmed by direct sunlight, a Reptilian may activate short boosts of frenetic activity, gaining the following abilities for a short period of time:

Increased Movement Speed (increasing further as your level increases)
+4 Dexterity

Following the use of the boost, the Reptilian must wait for his body to cool back down before using it again. During this time, he is subject to the following penalties:

Decreased Movement Speed
-2 Constitution

The number of uses per day of the boost increases as your level increases.

Reptilian Regrowth:
A Reptilian can quickly regrow damaged or lost limbs and injuries. It requires a state of relaxation which can not be achieved while enemies are nearby.