Lunimarean Vampire

Lunimarean Vampire Ranger

Lunimarean Vampire Ranger

In order to become a Lunimarean Vampire you have to create enter Lunimarean into the Sub Race field when creating a new character.

1.  Lunimareans begin in Scholle Noir – this means that areas surrounding them are very hard and it will be very difficult for them to get to lower level areas to hunt etc… at least without some help from their abilities. – Lunimareans cannot be PALADINS or MONKS.

2.  All Undead creatures will ignore Lunimarean Vampires as if they were much higher level PCs ( Will retaliate if attacked )

3.  Lunimarean Vampires can change shape into a Bat an unlimited number of times that will allow them to fly past enemies unnoticed.

4.  Cure Minor, Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical Wounds, Healing Circle, Mass Heal & Heal will all damage instead of heal the Lunimarean Vampire EXCEPT Cure Wound Spells and Heal Spell ONLY when cast on themselves will still HEAL – anyone else casting those spells on a Vampire will damage them etc.

5.  Inflict Minor, Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical, Harm, Negative Energy Ray, Negative Enerygy Burst will Heal instead of damage the Lunimarean Vampire. ( Cannot target self with those spells)

6.  Raise Dead cast on a Lunimarean Vampire will have the same effect as casting a Finger of Death on a non undead. ( Damage will be Positive instead of negative in event of a save)

7.  Resurrection cast on a Lunimarean Vampire will be same as above but require a successful Will Save instead.

8.  Lunimarean Vampires can ONLY rest by using their own coffin.

9.  Lunimarean Vampires can not be resurrected or raised from Limbo, they Must respawn. When they respawn they will always respawn at their Coffin UNLESS their coffin has been destroyed in which case they will respawn in Scholle Noir.

10.  Lunimarean Vampires can build their own coffin anywhere but can only ever have 1 coffin in existence at any given time. They can destroy an existing coffin by just attacking it.

11.  Coffins can be destroyed – the strength of the coffin goes up with the Vampires level. When a Vampire’s coffin is attacked, the Vampire will be sent a message telling him so. Coffins are NOT persistent so after a server restart the first thing a Vampire should do is set up his new base and put a coffin in a nice hidden location and ideally lay traps around it

12.  When a Coffin is made, a small amount of fame is used to make it, that Fame is rewarded to any Crusader that smashes the coffin.

13.  Vampires have Regeneration and that is 1hp / round for every 5 levels + 1, up to a maximum of 6 hp per round.

14.  When Vampires Equip any weapon, Vampiric Regeneration property is applied to the weapon. A special Level Drain item will be gained at later levels.

15.  Vampires will also be able to change into other shapes ( appearance only, no special abilities) as he/she goes up levels.

16.  Vampires take Damage every round when walking outdoors in daylight.

17.  Vampires are affected by Turn Undead ability.

18.  Vampires can purchase special empty vials that can be used on fresh corpses to collect blood, which they can drink to heal hit points. The vials are reusable.