Illithid Subrace
Illithid Wizard

Illithid Wizard

You can only play an Illithid if you create a Wizard ( which means you will start in the Obsidion Empire) You must also choose HUMAN as your race and in the Subrace field enter Illithid.

1.  Illithids have to remain pure class Wizards and they are not allowed to defect to the Manay Kingdom faction.

2.   Illithids will not be allowed to any extra Armour / Shield / Weapon Type Feats.

3.   Illithids have innate Spell Resistance of 20 applied in the same way as we do the fame charisma bonuses.

4.   Bandages only heal 1/3 of what they would normally heal when used on Illithid.

The Following Cantrips are modified when Cast by Illithid Wizards:

Ray of Frost = Psionic MindBlast

A psionic wave originating from the creature in a 10m foot radius around the creature. Creatures can save vs the mindblast at a -4 modifier or be stunned for 1d3 rounds. If the creature is alread stunned, the mind blast does 1d3+casterlevel points of damage.

Acid Splash = Psionic Mass Concussion

Cause level / 2 points of damage to hostile creatures and objects in a medium size area.

Resistance = Psionic Inertial Barrier

Caster gains Damage Reduction that absorbs 10 points of damage per hit die and lasts 1 round per hit die.

Electric Jolt = Suck Brain

The Target needs to be helpless (Dazed, Stunned, Paralysed etc) in order for this to work.. If you suck the brain from a target that is diseased or poisoned, you will also get diseased or poisoned. Successfully eating brains will heal 1/4 of the illithid’s maximum hit points.