1. To RP or not to RP ?
We are not strict on roleplaying on our servers but we do try to encourage it. The shout channel is disabled on Dalakora which will help in terms of roleplaying. Please respect other players play styles and if you cannot play with hardcore roleplayers or l33t speaking kiddies then just do not join the same party as them. We believe that we can accomodate all different play styles and it is up to the players themselves how much and how often and how far they want to take the roleplaying aspect of the game.

2. Race & Class Restrictions
There are certain race class restrictions in place in Dalakora. Since Bioware does not allow us to ‘grey out’ the interface when choosing your character class, we have had to script the restrictions. Should you attempt to level up in a restricted class, you will be deleveled and need to choose different character class to level in. The restrictions are as follows:

Paladins : Paladins cannot be multiclass.
Monks: Monks cannot be multiclass.
Wizards: Wizardry is a lost art on Dalakora except in the Obsidion Empire, the evil Empire that has invaded and destroyed Yendola. Players that wish to be a wizard will start in the Obsidion Empire and can only get to the Kingdom of Manay by defecting and escaping across the borders into Manay territory…

3. Death in Dalakora
In order to stop the trivialisation of death, Dalakora has a different death system to that normally used. When you reach 1 hit point, you enter a disabled state, when your movement speed and abilities are decreased. Upon hitting 0 hit points you become unconscious and start bleeding to death. When you reach -11 hit points you die.

On death you are transfered to Limbo. Your corpse and all your equipment are left where you died. You can now wait to be resurrected by a friend. They can resurrect you on the spot by casting the relevant spells on your Corpse. Should you wish to respawn, you can use the respawn sign in Limbo. The penalties for respawning are 100 experience points per level of charatcer and if you are a branded murderer (see below) the penalty is 500 experience points per level. Only Murderers can lose a level from respawning.

Note: Your gold does not get dropped on death – it is ‘assumed’ that people are not stupid enough to carry around half a million gold coins – in fact it is also safe to assume that no man can lift half a million gold coins – therefore your gold on person is ‘assumed’ to be in a bank.

4. Experience & Treasure
When you defeat a monster, you are awarded experience points according to how your character level compares to the monster’s challenge rating. If anyone in your party is deemed too high a level to be awarded experience points for a monster, then no experience is awarded at all. We have also put in a anti ‘twinking’ system – which prevents high level characters from boosting low levels with easily gained experience points. In order for a lower level character to get experience points in a party, they must be at least 2/3 of the highest level in the party.

Loot drops work slightly differently – they are area based. If you are in an area with a cap lower than the highest level party member, all treasure drops will be 1 gold piece.

This does not mean you cannot party with higher level characters – those ‘penalties’ do not apply if you are not in the same area – so a Guild could have all it’s members in a party to take advantage of the Party Talk Channel and have them split up in various locations in seperate parties of the right character level ranges.

5. Finding and Disarming Traps
Traps and secret doors have to be searched for actively. The default search mode in NWN will not work. When you arrive in Dalakora you will be given a Search Tool, you can put this into your quickbar to replace the Search Mode and use this tool to look for traps and secret doors.

When you find a trap or a locked door or container, you must use a special Thieves Tool. The standard radial menu functions will just fail. You need to use said thieves tool on the door or container and the various options will come up in a conversation menu.

6. Crime & Punishment
The Kingdom of Manay has very strict laws regarding crime. Whenever you attack an innocent character or citizen of Manay, you will be flagged as an aggressor and should you murder them, you will receive a murder count. Should you aquire 5 murder counts you will be branded a Murderer and removed from any faction you are currently in and be placed in the Murderer Faction. Murderers suffer 5 times the normal experience points lost upon respawn and are attacked on sight by the authorities.

When you are flagged as an aggressor, the flag wears off over time. However when you are flagged as one, anyone can attack and kill you without getting a murder count. Should you commit manslaughter (ie an accident as opposed to pre-meditated murder) the victim has an option to Not report you so you will be spared a muder count but you must still wait for the aggressor flag to wear off.

All thieves are free game – they can never report someone for murdering them. Our definition of a thief is not the same as someone that has levels in the Rogue character class. A Thief is someone that has ANY skill levels in Pickpocketing.

Murder counts can be removed, in order to do this you must repent at a temple which involves a huge donation of gold. The amount you have to donate is based on your character level and the number of murder counts you have so it is wise to repent as soon as you have committed a murder if you do not wish the cost to rise dramatically. You have to pay for each murder count. When you have been branded a Murderer, you have to go to a special location to repent and by then the amount you have to donate is extortionate. Being a murderer is not easy.

When a player has been murdered by another player, upon respawn they have the option to place a bounty on the killer. Anyone with a bounty on their head drop a skull on death which can be handed in to any Guard Captain to claim the reward.

There are of course exceptions – which are explained next…

7. Consensual PvP
There are various political factions that a player may join that will allow them to participate in Consensual Player vs Player combat without suffering from murder count penalties. For details on this please check our Politics Section.

8. Starting Gold
Each new character starts with 1500 gold pieces. However only your first 5 characters created will receive that amount. When you enter Dalakora with your 6th and further character you will receive a smaller amount. This is to stop people creating dozens of characters and dumping their starting gold on the ground somewhere for their main characters. Using a different Player Name will not get around that problem as we track the number of characters created by the players CD key.

9. Fame and Fame Titles
All characters have a fame title which is based on their alignment and the number of fame points they have aquired. Fame is gained by completing epic quests and by vanquishing monsters higher level than themselves. Fame is lost when you die.

Fame will affect things like how much gold can be borrowed from the bank in the form of a loan or mortgage. It also affects things like how the citizens of Manay will vote should a player decide to run for Mayor. Fame will also play a great part when a character decides to strive for ascension to demigod status. The fame titles are as follows :

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Lawful Good
Chaotic Good
Neutral Good
Lawful Neutral
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Chaotic Evil
Neutral Evil

10. Soul Binding
There are several locations in Dalakora where you can bind your soul. By binding your soul it means that should you respawn or when the server restarts that is where your character will appear. In order to bind your soul you just need to speak to the relevant npc. Murderers are automatically bound to a special location upon being branded a murderer.

11 General Code of Conduct
As already mentioned, please respect all other players’ play styles. Also remember that there are players of all ages who play Neverwinter Nights so please exercise a degree of self control before firing off strings of obsceneties in a dozen different languages.It just reflects very badly on yourself – and it shows that you lack consideration for others and are in dire need of an imagination implant in order to express yourself without cussing. Do not forget that in Castle Linathral there are combat dummies which are great for anger management.

We will not tolerate griefing and harrassment of other players. We are also not going to get involved in pointless discussions on the definition of grief play and harrassment. If we get complaints about a player’s behaviour with supporting screenshots or testimonies, we will just ban the player depending on the severity of the offence. We would like to operate a 3 strikes and out system but some things cannot be forgiven. We are not going to list what – people should know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not – if you are about to do something stupid, think if you would do it out in the real world and what the consequences would be… If you think it is something that we would frown upon then just assume it is. The DMs here are fair and strict, we want to spend our time running quests and expanding areas and plotlines and making the game fun, not deal with immature and inconsiderate morons, we will just simply ban them, there are other games they can go play.

12. Forums
Please make use of our Forums, be it to chit chat with other players or to report bugs or make game suggestions. We are also more than happy to host a forum for any player run guilds on the boards, just apply on the forum.

We do not believe in censorship here but what we will do is move inappropriate posts and messages to a seperate forum called ‘Crap’. That forum will be read only so people can see for themselves the stupidity of some people. We are Not going to have a Flame Bait forum as all that does is encourage flaming which in my opinion is a huge waste of time and just an excuse for people to talk trash. Any posts that degenerate into flaming or pathetic kindergarden style name calling will also be moved to the ‘Crap’ forum.

This is a game, it is for people to have fun and get away from the realities of life and escape into a fantasy world where things might be a little better. I urge you to not take things personally should another character do something that offends you. Just avoid them or better still, join a faction that allows you to kick the crap out of them. Please keep all feuds in game. The forum is a community for the players, not an extended out of character battleground.

Right, them’s the rules. If there is anything in the rules you do not understand please feel free to post questions on the Forum.