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Saturday, February 07th, 2009 | Author:

DM Wisp will hold an event on Sunday the 8th. Please check the forum for further details.

Melinorfus has recently come into some intelligence about a rumoured device the Obsidions have been researching. According to his source, the “Cornucopia” project involves a device capable of condensing matter out of pure energy, the implications of which would be simply astounding. If they have managed to successfully create a prototype, it would be able to create anything at all, given the proper instructions.

Obviously such a useful device could never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, and Obsidian hands are the wrongest of all. For the sake of Manay (and not for whatever inconsequential personal benefits it might bring him), Melinorfus is planning to liberate the device from its Obsidian guardians.

He has, however, hit a snag. Among other defences, the rumoured location of the device is protected by Obsidian Anti-Magic technology, rendering even his enormous power frustratingly ineffective.

Anyone who believes they can be of assistance would do well to travel to Sorceror’s Tower to discuss the matter with him.

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Wednesday, January 07th, 2009 | Author:

Craftus DragonLance, the elected mayor of N. Manay invites you to join in a quest on Saturday (01/10/09).  For further details, please check DragonLance’s Political program in the forum’s TOME section.

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Monday, December 08th, 2008 | Author:

Help usher in the Winter season with a snowball fight on this coming Saturday (Dec 13).  There will be “last man standing” and “team” competitions for a variety of prizes.  For further information, please check out our forums under “Events”.

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